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Earlier this month, we held our first networking event at 1 Angel Square for our colleague network Rise.

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I was nominated by my Divisional Managing Director to represent the field at International Youth Day. I was so nervous.

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After having my daughter last year, I knew I wanted to return to my role as Store Manager, but I wanted to keep the balance with being a Mum.

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Aspire Women’s Career Network member, Sarah, talks about the latest ‘Know Your Co-op’

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I’m not much of a football fan, so for me this summer is all about spending time with friends in the sun, eating lots of ice cream and going to pride.

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Eram has worked for the Co-op for 13 years and fasting for almost 20 years. Ramadan, the 30-day period of ritual fasting and abstinence marked by Muslims, has just come to an end.