In October we celebrate Black History Month and the inevitable question arises… “Do we still need Black History Month?”

My answer is always an emphatic “yes!” Black History Month (BHM) is a key opportunity to shine a spotlight on the often hidden achievements of people of African descent throughout the diaspora. In an ideal world, these accolades would be celebrated year-round, but as that’s not yet the case, BHM is very much needed. 

Many of you will know stories of African-American heroes. This BHM, Rise is bringing the focus closer to home — highlighting Black-British pioneers who have enhanced the fabric of British society through their contributions to science, economics, entertainment, culture, politics and beyond. We have selected 31 individuals to celebrate throughout the month, whose stories range from the 1700s to today. 

Most of these stories were new to me, it would be great to hear how many you’d heard of!

We will also be hosting a number of events:

Keep an eye on the blog and Co-op colleagues can stay up to date on our Yammer group for more details.

Annette Joseph
Digital Delivery Manager and Rise Chair


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