Hey, Atif here,

Following the success of our Caribbean Event in November last year, the Rise Network invited colleagues from across Co-op to attend a South Asian themed evening.

South Asia is a region of the world that comprises the nations of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives and Sri Lanka. At Co-op, we have a diverse mix of people with origins from these countries and they all bring with them varied customs and traditions.

It was a family friendly affair with a fantastic turn-out from across the Co-op where colleagues mingled together to talk about food, cultures, music and even work!

We put on traditional clothing and some of my colleagues even did couple of dance numbers, I really need to up my game on that. Any takers for a dance lesson with me?! I can start with Salsa, Tango and make my way to Bhangra (a punjabi folk dance to the beat of drums).

Rise organises events like these with the aim to promote diversity and raise cultural awareness in its truest sense. When you know your colleagues better, you work better together and create a thriving environment for the common goal of serving our members and communities.

These events are a success because of the involvement of everyone, no matter what their background. If you have any ideas to share for other events or if you’d like to join us, let us know Rise@coop.co.uk.

Diversity is good for communities, and it’s good for business.

Atif Hussain 
Business Intelligence Analyst (Co-op Property)

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