Sarah, talks about the latest ‘Know Your Co-op’ event

369 words approx. 1.5 minutes to read

Aspire Women’s Career Network member, Sarah, talks about the latest ‘Know Your Co-op’

369 words approx. 1.5 minutes to read

I attended an event a while ago and heard the CEO of Hobbycraft speak. Her main piece of advice was ‘know your business’. This really stuck with me and along with my fellow Women in Property organisers, the idea for ‘Know Your Co-op’ was born.

The aim of the events is to help those who attend to understand different areas of the Co-op and how individual roles intersect. We try to find women from across our Co-op to host the events, and showcase them as inspirational role models.

Improving understanding of the business amongst our Aspire members might be the difference in giving confidence to go for that promotion.

July‘s ‘Know Your Co-op’ featured Lead Trade Improvement and Response Manager, Vicki Mains.

Vicki took us on a journey through what it takes to get the Food promotions in store and the challenges her team deal with everyday.

Explaining about the impact of the events such as the World Cup, which means increased sales across the tournament, Vicki brought to life the experience of working in the challenging convenience sector. Deals such as the £5 pizza and Bud are fantastic for customers but spare a thought for the logistics team who have to make sure they can keep stores stocked to prevent the reputational risk of running out.

Vicki gave those of us who are not involved in operations a fascinating insight into the realities of our Food business. How she fits it all in along with being a single mum I will never know.

When I see the next big deal on the shelves at Co-op Food I will have a new respect for what it takes to deliver such a promotion.

A huge thank you to Vicki from me and the ‘Know Your Co-op’ volunteers for such an eye-opening talk.

If you’re a Co-op colleague, there are some future events coming up in 2018:

  • 7 August – Know Your Food Retail Apprenticeship Programme with Emma Barrett and Bri Sereikaite
  • 4 September – Know Your Wholesale and Franchise with Martin Rogers
  • 10 October – Know Your Council with Gill Gardener
  • 6 November – Know Your Governance

To request a place or if you have any ideas for future events, email

Sarah Roberts
Aspire member and Senior Solicitor, Legal

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